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Holographic Transfer Film

Emeteq holographic transfer film is eco-friendly and easy to be natural degraded. Through a special coating technique, only the holographic design is transferred when compounding the film with the printing materials.

Product Description

Product Feature

1. Seamless: no seamlines, no shadow, no gap, and no overlap;

2. Strong metallic impression, rub resistance, ink friendly performance;

3. Eco-friendly: PET base film can be used repeatedly.

Product Specification

1. Specification: customized specification per request, width less than 800mm;

2. Color: silver or per customer request;

3. Roll inner core size: 3 inch or 6 inch;

4. PET base film thickness: 12 micron, 14 micron or 16 micron.

Product Application

1. Applied to different paper packaging, PVC or PET plastic materials;

2. Applied to cigarette, alcohol, medicine, food, cosmetic product packaging, security document and etc;

3. For use in flexo, offset and digital printing industry.



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