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Precise Positioning Laser Blanching Technology

Laser blanching transfers the laser material to the surface of the package by heating and pressing. Precise positioning laser hot stamping technology not only requires a release coating material with good peeling performance, but also needs to master the shrinkage performance of PET materials, strictly control the spacing of hot stamping patterns, so as to achieve the perfect fusion of laser patterns and printed patterns. The precise positioning laser hot stamping technology has been widely used in cosmetics, alcohol, cigarette packaging, shopping bags, etc. According to the different requirements of customers for pattern design, the company has developed special positioning lasers, cat-eye positioning lasers, transparent positioning lasers and other positioning laser hot foils.

Multi-Material Application Cold Blanching Technology

Cold blanching is relative to blanching. The transfer process does not require high temperatures like blanching. Therefore, the materials to be blanched are more widely used, especially the heat shrinkable materials that are difficult to achieve. It can be printed directly after blanching. -UV series. It can complete large-area to fine-character hot stamping, reverse hot stamping and grayscale effects. The cold stamping film produced by the company's cold stamping technology is positioned accurately and the stamping speed is fast.

High-Gloss Multi-Color Composite Film

Using special laser plate-making technology, it can produce various characters and patterns with bright colors and rich changes. According to different uses, it can be made into composite membrane. The company's composite film technology ensures that the complex product has strong metal feel, anti-oxidation, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, good ink-friendly performance, and is suitable for various printing processes. The high-gloss special process technology makes the brightness of the product significantly higher than that of the ordinary composite film, and can provide a variety of color choices such as black.

Green Environmental Protection Laser Transfer Technology

The laser transfer film technology is developed for the difficulty of natural degradation of the laser composite film. Through a special coating process, the transfer film is transferred to the packaging process, only the laser pattern is transferred, and the film material is not left, which is green and environmentally friendly. Claim. The company's laser transfer technology can realize no visible seam, strong metal feeling, anti-oxidation, moisture resistance, wear resistance, good ink-friendly performance, and the surface is suitable for various printing processes. Non-toxic and no odor. Since the transferred product does not contain a film layer, it effectively prevents white pollution and meets the national green environmental protection requirements. In addition, the carrier PET film can be used repeatedly, which greatly reduces production and use costs.

Transparent Media & Aluminum Washing Technology

The transparent medium technology is to achieve the effect of transparent laser by using transparent medium material instead of aluminum in the vacuum aluminum plating process. The dielectric layer can not only protect the pattern or text in the laser film, but also make the laser pattern resistant to acid and alkali, and cannot be wiped off, effectively protecting the layer. At the same time, its brightness is several times that of ordinary transparent laser film.
The aluminum washing technology is to dealuminate the aluminum film to make the pattern show hollow effect.
The transparent medium technology and aluminum washing technology make the laser film appear transparent or partially transparent, and can be applied to transparent hot stamping, aluminum washing and transparent composite films.

Laser Seamless Technology

In order to reduce the impact of plate seams on laser packaging products, through special imposition and molding processes, and even the use of cylindrical electroplating technology, the molded laser materials have no visible plate seams, which greatly improves the yield of laser packaging and effectively saves costs.

One Article One Code Retrospective Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

Laser two-dimensional code identification technology is a product technology that combines laser technology and information technology. Unlike ordinary logos, the laser two-dimensional code logo is printed with a two-dimensional code pattern containing relevant information, which can make the product realize \"one thing one code\". The laser two-dimensional code can also be used for positioning hot stamping. The laser two-dimensional code positioning hot stamping technology can realize one thing and one code for packaging products to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting.

Holographic Water Transfer

Holographic water transfer is the perfect combination of laser holography and floral paper. Holographic water transfer printing paper can be transferred on irregular glass or ceramic products (such as wine bottles, cosmetic bottles) and other surfaces. The combination of holographic technology and water transfer technology has realized the industrialization of low-temperature holographic paper, which can improve the packaging grade, enhance the brand value, and prevent counterfeiting.


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