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Eco-friendly Hologram Transfer Film Production Technology

 Technology Introduction:
Emeteq laser transfer film forming technology is developed to prevent the laser composite film from being naturally degraded. Through a special coating process, the transfer film is transferred to the packaging process, only the laser pattern is transferred, and the film material is not left. Meet the requirements of environmental protection.

 Technology Feature:
The carrier PET film can be used many times, in line with the national environmental protection requirements, and can be naturally degraded
Various laser holographic laser patterns are available;
Strong metal feeling, wear-resistant, ink-friendly;
According to the requirements, it can be seamless or single-plate jump stitch processing.

 Technology Application:
Widely applicable to various types of paper packaging or PVC, PET and other plastic materials;
It is widely used in the fields of tobacco, alcohol, medicine, food, cosmetics, anti-counterfeit labels for cards and tickets;
Widely used in offset printing, flexographic printing and digital printing.



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