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Cosmetics Solution

Imtech applies the latest holographic laser direct writing technology to break through the limits of traditional lithography pixels, adopts tens of millions of gray levels and binary mode, constructs delicate and realistic 3D stereoscopic images, and provides large-format overall creative design and partial anti-counterfeiting for daily packaging Decoration plan, process route includes holographic composite, holographic positioning printing, holographic positioning hot stamping, cold stamping, holographic label, etc.
Yimeite combines laser holography technology, information anti-counterfeiting technology and hot stamping technology to provide holographic QR code, RFID and full life cycle monitoring software products (including production process), so that the product life cycle is supervised and controlled to achieve The purpose of traceability and anti-counterfeiting.

Yimeite's daily chemical industry overall solution has been successfully applied to well-known brands such as small nurses.


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