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Transparent Media & Dementallized Foil Technology

 Technology Introduction:
Emeteq transparent medium film forming technology mainly uses transparent medium materials to replace aluminum materials in the vacuum aluminum plating process, so that the bronzing film can achieve the effect of transparent laser. This transparent medium layer can protect the pattern or text in the laser film, is resistant to friction, and effectively protects the layer. At the same time, its brightness is several times that of ordinary transparent laser film.
The aluminum washing film-making technology is to carry out the dealumination process on the basis of the aluminum film that has been coated, so that the pattern shows a hollow effect.

 Technology Feature:
Presents the combined effect of transparent holographic patterns and hollow patterns;
The product has high stamping stability, good cutting performance, and strong adhesion;
The technology of hot stamping is difficult, the positioning accuracy is high, and the pattern spacing is consistent;
The application products are abundant, and can be used for transparent medium bronzing film, aluminum washing positioning hot foil film and transparent composite film products.

 Technology Application:
Widely applicable to various types of paper packaging or PVC, PET and other plastic materials;
It is widely used in the fields of tobacco, alcohol, medicine, food, cosmetics, anti-counterfeit labels for cards and tickets;
Widely used in offset printing, flexographic printing and digital printing.


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