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Multi-Material Application Cold Stamping Technology

 Technology Introduction:
Emeteq multi-material cold stamping technology is suitable for a variety of materials to be ironed, especially for easily shrinkable materials that are difficult to apply hot stamping technology. Large areas or fine characters can be stamped by cold pressing.

 Technology Feature:
The cold stamping pattern has clear text, high efficiency, and a wide range of substrates for hot stamping
Low temperature transfer, no high temperature heating device, energy saving and environmental protection, low processing cost;
Can directly print water-based varnish, UV ink, varnish products after ironing;
Hot stamping can realize various rich metallic colors.

 Technology Application:
Widely applicable to all kinds of paper packaging, heat-sensitive materials, plastic films or plastic materials such as PVC and PET;
It is widely used in the fields of tobacco, alcohol, medicine, food, cosmetics, anti-counterfeit labels for cards and tickets;
Widely used in offset printing, flexographic printing and digital printing.



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