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Precise Positioning Laser Blanching Technology

 Technology Introduction:
Emeteq precise positioning laser hot stamping technology, through the use of release coating material with good peeling performance, according to the shrinkage of PET material, strictly control the spacing of the stamping pattern, heating and pressing the laser image on the hot stamping film The text is transferred to the surface of the hot printed matter, so as to achieve the perfect fusion of the laser pattern and the printed pattern.

 Technology Feature:
Accurate positioning and high anti-counterfeiting performance;
The positioning film is rich in variety and can be customized.

 Technology Application:
Widely applicable to various types of paper packaging or PVC, PET and other plastic materials;
It is widely used in the fields of tobacco, alcohol, medicine, food, cosmetics, anti-counterfeit labels for cards and tickets;
Widely used in offset printing, flexographic printing and digital printing.


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