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3D Lens Hot Stamping Foil

Emeteq 3D lens hot stamping foil is an anti-counterfeiting product combines different anti-fake technologies. The product shows unique biconvex 3D visual effects which can improve the packaging anticounterfeiting level and the brand value.

Product Description

Product Feature

1. By using Fresnel lens technology, precise micro-nano engraving technology, light curvature transformation technology and multi-channel technology;

2. Showing unique biconvex 3D visual effects with high level anti-counterfeiting function;

3. With positioning cursor, high positioning accuracy and stable pattern spacing.

Product Specification

1. Specification: customized specification per request;

2. Lens size can be extended to 50mm;

3. Color: standard stamping color (silver, gold, red, transparent) or special customized color;

4. Roll inner core size: 1 inch or 3 inch;

5. PET base film thickness: 16 micron or 19 micron.

Product Application

1. Applied to different paper packaging, PVC or PET plastic materials;

2. Applied to cigarette, alcohol, medicine, food, cosmetic product packaging, security document and etc;

3. For use in flexo, offset and digital printing industry.



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