Hologram Water Transfer Printing Decal

The hologram water transfer printing technology is a perfect combination of laser hologram and decals. It can transfer the printing image, text, or logo on the surface of irregular glass, china, cosmetics bottles and etc. It is a latest technology and is good to add brand value.

Product Description

Product Feature

1. Customized anti-counterfeit;

2. Unique design and appearance;

3. High fidelity of colors and patterns;

4. Anti-scratch, high temperature and rub resistance;

Product Specification

1. Specification: customized specification per request;

2. Roll inner core size: 1 inch or 3 inch;

3. PET base film thickness: 16 micron or 20 micron.

Product Application

1. Applied to different glass and china materials;

2. Applied to cigarette, alcohol, medicine, food and cosmetic product packaging and etc.

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