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Yimeite Hubei factory resumes production and is in action

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-03-05      Origin: Site

In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation during the resumption of production and production, it is necessary to win the battle of prevention and control of the epidemic situation, to prevent the spread of the epidemic situation in the factory after resumption of production and to protect the health and safety of employees. 1. The guidelines for enterprises and factories to resume work and resume production to prevent and control New Coronary Pneumonia, and earnestly do all the work of resuming work.

1. A special prevention and control working group was established to implement the relevant requirements for resumption of production and remanufacturing, advance management measures for rework and return to work, investigate the employees in advance, understand the staff’s itinerary in the past 14 days, whether there is a high incidence of the epidemic, and whether they are exposed to the new crown Cases of pneumonia, suspected cases, statistics of the number of people returning to work in factories and companies, planned travel time, etc., do a good job in connection with work time, health monitoring, and epidemic prevention materials.


2. A temporary medical observation point was established. Equipped with staff, responsible for body temperature detection and management of fever personnel, and equipped with infrared thermometers, disposable medical surgical masks, sterilized paper towels, medical latex gloves, rapid hand disinfectants, 84 disinfectants and other items, strict implementation of health checks and health Register for work. Make daily health records, record them in the health register, design the health manager, be responsible for collecting the health status of employees in the unit, and report the health status of employees to the health department according to the regulations.

3. Do daily cleaning and preventive disinfection of public facilities. In the factory workshop, equipped with hand sanitizers and other hygiene products to improve the self-sanitation management of the staff. And try to reduce the number of meetings, collective training, gatherings, etc.


4. The unit canteen restricts dinning service, eats in batches, controls the number of people dining at the same time, increases the distance of dining tables, and only sits 1 person per dining table.


5. Use the company's publicity board, bulletin board, WeChat group, unit website, etc. to carry out various forms of new coronary pneumonia and respiratory infectious disease prevention and control knowledge health education.


6. Strengthen the management of employees, requiring that they should not go out except for commuting, and must not organize to participate in gatherings and dinners.


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